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At Code 7, we identify mentoring with a variety of service provisions.

One to ones, listening, commenting, advising, guidance and supporting are just a few elements of our mentoring package which also includes outreach, mediation and intervention to cater for the many issues young people tend to face day to day.

Assisting young people to overcome their fears of facing confrontation with other young people over postcode issues and area differences by bringing young people together in production and, helping them to realise the similarity in values that they all hold as young people.

Working with young people at early stages once we have identified the development of potentially violent situations amongst opposing young people and implementing diversity activity measures that coincide with the young people’s inner ambitions.

121 Guidance
Giving young people who seek privacy and confidentiality in personal matters the time and guidance.

Family support
We give listening time for parents and family members of our service users so they can express their desires of what they want to see their young people achieve. Family members also have the opportunity to view and listen to their children’s work at Code 7 open days.

Housing assistance
Young people without the knowledge or the support to assist them in terms of personal housing are given support in identifying their housing issues and locating the appropriate housing support.

Over the last 7 years, we have been receiving referrals from schools and youth support agencies. We have also developed a database of the relevant agencies that we, in turn, refer young people to.

Career planning
Our years of experience in the music industry give us the ideal working methods for career planning. Young people are able to work with us to construct their personal development plans while simultaneously exercising their skills.

Personal Development
Our experience has taught us that many young people undergo personal issues that certainly affect their work. We use our life experiences alongside broadly based case studies to help us to inspire the young people and keep them motivated through their personal adversities.

Career Advice
This area coincides with our Career Planning section. We know that so many young people want to have careers in the entertainment industry i.e. Music, Film, Modelling or managing a successful business but fail to recognize the amount of hard work that is needed to even come a whisker of being successful in such a competitive industry. At Code 7, we see it as our duty to give young people the exact training and development that exceeds just the music/media industry. The career advice young people gain from us helps them to recognise how much potential lies beyond the music/media industry, but somehow still relates.