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Accredited Training

30 hours engagement in training provides Unit 3 in Asdan Creative Arts accreditations.

ASDAN Sound Engineering
Learning in the special art of studio engineering, from identifying and working with the relevant and key pieces of equipment to operating music recording sessions and mixing down productions to quality standards.

ASDAN Creative writing
This involves researching and case studies. Topic finding is an essential part of our Creative Writing area as we know that the success of music songs depend on the lyrical content ability. Our users are able to write with others or solo while focussing on specially researched topics of relevance and even interest to the targeted public.

Our Creative Writing includes songs, poems, raps, rhymes, scripts and stories.

ASDAN Voice recording
Voice Recording gives our users the opportunity to monitor their own improvements as we guide them towards perfection. We aim for as close to perfection as possible, focusing on clarity, timing, expressiveness, always aiming for the right emotion and passion in the voice.

ASDAN Live Music
Users have the opportunity to participate in live music recording and performance. This is a specialised area and so we work with professional musicians to ensure our users receive the best possible development in their live work. The instruments include drums, guitars, keyboards and percussion.