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About Us



“Unlocking Hidden Talent & Opening Gateways To Achievement”



Charity Number: 1138411

Ltd By Guarantee Number: 5362713

Asdan Accredited Number: 32799


Diversity & Equalities Statement 

“Code 7 promotes equalities for all”


Description of the Name Code 7

C.O.D.E stands for

Community Organisation Development &Enterprise


7 signifies

1. Employment | 2. Education | 3. Crime Diversion | 4. Youth Inclusion | 5. Guns/Drugs Awareness | 6.  Mediation/Intervention | 7. Community Re-Unification


Code 7 Core Values

At Code 7 we strive to…


1. KNOW – What is needed and Who needs

2. WANT – To make a positive difference

3.LEARN – To be effective with our work

4.SHARE – Our learning & results with others

5. HELP – Each other to help others 

6. DELIVER – By achieving targets

7. CARE – About our service standards



Brief History of

Code 7

  • Was established in 1996 as a performance group
  • The performance group performed at events such as The Gun Amnesty in 1997 alongside special guest Ian Wright (ex-professional footballer)
  • Founder and the organisation’s original delegates received training in management, conflict resolution and teacher training, etc, between 1998 and 2003
  • Became a youth group and started running youth music projects in 2000
  • Received funding in 2003 from Awards for All, Unltd Funds and Capital Community Foundation
  • Received an 18-month service contract in 2004 from Hackney Council
  • Became a company limited by guarantee in 2005
  • Helped in the development of the Lambeth Gun Crime Consortium in 2006 which was supported by the Lambeth Borough Commander
  • Established a mediation/intervention process in 2007 which gained cease fires within serious youth on youth violence and gained recognition from the local authorities
  • Organised the recording of a Peace Track and Video in 2008 which successfully featured 16 key gang members from different areas who would never normally come together and led to Code 7 receiving 2 awards from Lambeth Safety
  • Received 3-year service contracts in 2009 from Lambeth Children & Young People’s Service and BBC Children In Need
  • Became joint head lessee of Offley Works in Oval in 2009 and was responsible for the complex (worth in the region of £10,000,000), a range of organisations/groups, facility users and the neighbourhood and residents
  • CEO received a Community Heroes Award in 2009 from Lambeth Voluntary Action Trust and opened St.Aubyn’s Holistic Centre alongside Kelly Roland (Destiny’s Child)
  • Gained charitable status in 2010

Code 7 Current Position

  • Is a registered charity
  • Is a registered company limited by guarantee
  • Is a registered provider of Asdan Accreditations
  • Operates from a Head Office in Lambeth for more information contact us via the contact us page
  • Operates Training Suite from Springfield Community Centre, 110 Union Road, London SW8 2SH
  • Has a directorship of 4 trustees
  • Has a Community Group which consists of 7 core members
  • Has a management team of 2 and a process for managers on various projects
  • Has a Youth Committee made up of 7 young people
  • Employs up to 10 to 15 facilitators per year
  • Engages around 500 young people per year
  • Is currently being capacity built by Lambeth Council to receive PQASSO Quality Mark
  • Is running projects currently funded by Lambeth Children & Young People’s Service, BBC Children in Need, Home Office, Sojourner Trust and Awards For All
  • Delivers a morning educational school funded by Elm Court School
  • Delivers yearly summer workshops in Music, Drama, Video, Film and Beauty for Lambeth Summer Projects Trust
  • Members serve on boards and forums such as The Lambeth Black Families Forum, Brixton Splash, Communities’ Leadership Network Forum and the Community Police Consultative Group
  • Generates approximately £80 to £100,000 financial turnover per year
  • Is in negotiation with Lambeth Council to secure long term premises for Code 7